48 Commits (main)

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  John-Mark Gurney 45790a64e5
switch to using a local mail archive... 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4b427fb752
improve testing and testing framework, fix up parsing of file names.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 7ca02749a4
add Colin's PGP key.. he's now signed some of the snapshots.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 381ed6ac15
add warning about some failures, and to update 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 5d1cde3cc1
expand tests, support detached signatures, other improvements.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney b372ff1f59
add script that I used to fix up some bugs.. 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4ab94156a8
minor formating fixes, expand d/l 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4754a22e89
update the branch, add spaces 1 year ago
  John-Mark Gurney 98a4b628a0
add support for the CI images.. 2 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney db62f1d764
handle riscv64 properly.. 2 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney af2dada6ee
document and work around issue w/ files disappearing from mirrors.. 2 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 623a2732cf
add support for announces that were sent to multiple mailing lists.. 2 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney ece4b1f971
update to using git to fetch signing key 2 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney cdb1a3301f
talk about using it to verify snapshots and releases.. 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney c1bb866a94
talk about the new arguments to find.. 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 2855d77e30
allow terms and selection to be specified on the command line... 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4bc041af66
update image w/ the new column widths. 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney a2ab800c04
oops, the comment isn't a comment when it's embedded in a string... 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 8c4adf677a
drop powerpc- so that we now have enough column space to fit git revs 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney bcf6830e13
update the index generation to support the new snapshots that use git 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 00842d156d
complete migration to gitea... signing commits works now! 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 543f5673ea
add more info about how the backend works... 3 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 130f3df2b8
add tests to make sure that mksnapidx.awk doesn't break... add support 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 85356d1864
remove note about RC1 and the like, we handle them now... 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 4e76c6561d
put in the full fingerprint to make spoofing harder, and include the 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 6fb859874e
add an anchor to link to my GPG key.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 402a9f0d25
support powerpc64 properly, always fetch xxx dates (RC/BETA), properly 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 0ddd319bee
fix up comments and add support for RC/BETA builds 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney abae53b486
only print unknown verb when there is one provided.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 51e17bb31e
more spelling and a bit more explination of SHA256.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney e85b50d051
sign the recent commits.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 819134b860 sleep waiting for the lock dir, and make sure the indexes are publicly readable.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney dd61b83ebc add docs on what the options mean.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 3f5de4ad03 use double quotes so program name is substituted.. 4 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 656e39d250
fix host and limit what files we upload... 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney a792ba62e6
add the command to upload the index.. 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 95cbf07136 If the image already exists, don't re-dl, just verify the existing image. 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 01e6e57f41 don't use -f to prevent removing too much.. 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney d43cd2168a
add a quickstart section 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney bd17aabc83
remove extra images/ 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 3c0ea2add9
add screen shot of snapaid.sh find 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney e2d0ff0885
note why you won't see verified tags on github 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney e5d5c1aff2
mark the project as BSD licensed... 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney dcecd2d3e5 check for keys on startup, and test for failed d/l's. 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney e367844ab9 update backend to make regeneration easier... 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney c56769e11f skip some of the malformed lines for now... 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney 1d1101ffd1 add initial readme 5 years ago
  John-Mark Gurney db2bdca4ce fix cut of the snapaid utility 5 years ago