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add more info about how the backend works...

This should make it much easier for people to run their own version
if they'd like to..
John-Mark Gurney 3 years ago
Signed by: jmg GPG Key ID: 205F0B33DD006ADA
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@@ -55,3 +55,30 @@ downloaded. Another index is also maintained which only contains the
currently available to d/l snapshots. This may contain snapshots that
no longer exist, as it is only updated/checked when a new snapshot is

The procmail rc lines that I use:
* Delivered-To: (freebsd-)?announce@([^@\.]*\.)*
| $HOME/bin/

* Delivered-To: (freebsd-)?snapshots@([^@\.]*\.)*

| $HOME/bin/


The first rule is used for RELEASE announcements. They are copied (`c`)
so that a later rule can file them in the proper mailbox. The second rule
is for the snapshots, and smiilarly organized, but the mailbox filing
happens here.

The script is included in the repo, but the command to deploy
the database to the servers has been deleted, but it is a
simple: `tar -cf - <files> | ssh freefall tar -xf -` type command.

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@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@

set -e

cd ~jmg/public_html/FreeBSD-snap

tmpfile="$(mktemp snapmail.XXXXXXX)"

cat > "$tmpfile"

sh "$tmpfile" && rm "$tmpfile"