A utility for downloading and verifying FreeBSD releases and snapshots
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  1. Fetch all of the archive:
  2. scp -r freefall:/local/mail/archive/*/freebsd-snapshots .
  3. Expand all the "validly" formed messages to a file:
  4. zcat $(zgrep -l 'PGP SIGNED MESSAGE' *) > ../complete.txt
  5. We only lose 2012, and we'll loose everything before 2015 later.
  6. XXX - don't use the following, doesn't decode body properly
  7. Explode the mbox to files:
  8. cat 201810* freebsd-snapshots | split -p '^From ' - snap.
  9. The stdin trick is needed so the numbering/lettering continues properly.
  10. Correct way to split the bodies off.
  11. python splitbody.py arch/complete.txt arch/snap.
  12. Bulk import, -m is used to not check if they exist till the end:
  13. for i in arch/snap.????; do sh addinfo.sh -m $i; done
  14. Clean things up and skip checking for ones before given date
  15. sh addinfo.sh -c 20180900
  16. Copy them up to freefall:
  17. scp snapshot.* freefall:public_html/FreeBSD-snap
  18. (cd ~; tar -cf - public_html/FreeBSD-snap/snapshot.*) | ssh freefall tar -xf -