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How To / Using Roll Paper

Using the Roll Paper Holder

Loading the Roll Paper

With the Roll paper holder packed in the printer, you can print in roll paper format which is convenient for banner printing. When you are printing using the Roll paper holder, keep the following in mind.

Loading the Roll Paper

Follow the directions below to mount the Roll paper holder and load the roll paper.

Set roll paper in the roll paper holder.

Remove the transparent sheet after setting the roll paper into the holders.

Check that the end of the roll is cut perpendicularly to the edges as shown. For A4 and 329-mm width paper, cut along one of the parallel lines on the back. For 89- and 100-mm width paper, use a triangle.

Always use a triangle or other tool to ensure that the end of the roll is cut perpendicularly. A diagonal cut may cause paper feed problems.

To uncurl the paper, roll the paper inside the protective film packaged with the printer in the direction opposite to the paper's curl, as shown below.

Remove the paper support and lower the output tray. Then, turn on the printer.

Attach the roll paper holder to the printer. Adjust the first left of slot in the back of printer and insert roll paper holder into slots.

Gently insert the end of the paper into the printer as far as it will go, flush with the right edge guide. Slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the printer.

To load the paper correctly, you must hold the paper in place with your hand while you press the roll paper button. The paper feeds into the printer.

Open the printer cover and make sure that the paper is feeding correctly. If it is not straight, depress the roll paper button for more than three seconds to eject the paper. The error light is on. Press the roll paper button to clear the error, then feed the paper again.

The roll paper is now loaded. Next, set up the printer software and try printing. For details on setting up the printer software, refer to Printing on Roll Paper.