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Product Reviews

I have decided to start reviewing a few products to help others from not making the mistake that I do when buying OEM style hardware.

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PUN1000, Zero One Technology Co., Ltd.

October 16, 2003

This product is very easy to setup. I had one that was previously configured, but by listening the the packet dump, I was able to discover the ip address of it, and the gateway that it was configured. The web interface is sparse, but functional. It does have a back door that is well documented, and has no security features, so make sure it's behind a firewall. It supports lpr and ipp and wasn't hard to get working.

All that said, there is on major problem with it. It won't send data to the printer faster than 40KB/sec! This means if you plan on using it for a print server for your photo printer, forget it. My Epson 1280 needs 170KB/sec+ when printing an 8x10 to keep the print heads moving, otherwise the printer is starved for data. This limit on print speed was confirmed by

I give it a 2 of 5 for the print speed. If it wasn't for the rest of the product just working, it would of been 0 of 5.

A word of warning, this product appears to be the same as IOGear's GPSU01 and Hawking Technology's USB Printer Server. If you have these devices and can confirm that they print faster than 40KB/sec, I will post the information, but be warned that if you buy these other devices, you may be limited to 40KB/sec printing too!

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