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I'm starting to get a few more photos on this page, so I'm going to create a small little index to help locate things.

*   Sections contain a photo of myself

First Roll

The following are all from the first roll of film that I took with the camera. Of course these are the best shots.

First B&W Fashion

Melanie wanted to do some B&W Fashion shots, and these are the results.


Bike Trip to Newport

Shots on my bike trip to Newport. I spent three days and two nights on the trip. I biked a total of 248 miles.


I went to Nebraska to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday. It was also a family reunion that almost all the cousins got see each other.

Christmas '98

These pictures are from around Christmas time in 1998.

New Years '99

Here are some pictures of New Years 1999. I took various pictures of my friends. I also went to the beach that morning. The pictures of the beach are moon lit, and multi-second exposures that were hand held.

B&W Prints

Prints that I have done for my Creative Photography I class at the University of Oregon. All printable versions are scanned at 300dpi. These look terrible compared to the version that I have printed. There is massive lost of detail in the dark areas, and the white isn't as bright as it should be. These are artifacts of the scanning process.

Contact Sheets

Printable versions are scanned at 300 dpi.

Unclassified Pictures

Prints that haven't been classified yet.

John-Mark's 21st Birthday

None of these photos were taken by me, so they really don't belong here. If and when I create a photo album, I will move these pictures there once that has been done, but for now, they are here.

A thumbnail page is available.

Trip to New Zealand

Right now I only have my color pictures developed, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for the rest.

It looks like the film scanner I'm using has a serious manufacturing problem. Iat causes slight horizontal lines to appear in the images scanned. Right now it isn't too bad, but for production use, it is completely unacceptable. This is actually the second scanner that I've gotten that exhibits this problem. Considering the price, I'm not surprised.

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