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These are my student body ID pictures from my senior school year and my junior school year. The picture to the left is my sinior year's photo. As I promised, you can now vote for which look you like the best. Just click on the counter below the picture to log your vote. If your browser is smart it will automaticly reload the page for you. You may have to hit the reload button to see what the latest count is. The voting officially began on January 17, 1996. If you would like, I am working on a page that describes how I set up my Voting page using CGI's and other stuff. I will be adding a page that will allow you vote for current presidental canadits, so be looking for that in the near future.

I will be putting up a page describing what I have done to get these voting counters to work. So be looking for it in the near future.

I am just putting this picture on real quick. It will go someplace else but enjoy it now. Here it is

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My Home

Me in my Room Photo by Theresa Gurney

I guess you could say my favorite interest is working/using/playing on computers. I own a number of computers ranging from a 386/16sx to a AMD 5x86/133 (This chip out performs a friend's Pentium 90.) I have a collection of operating systems. My two favorite are FreeBSD and OS/2 Warp. I try to stay away from any operating system or software by Micro$oft. Of course, if you want to run a OS that is compatible with PC-DOS, I would recommend Novell DOS 7 or OS/2 Warp. Only one computer has a few products from Micro$oft, and I am quite annoyed that I have Micro$oft's products on it.

Other Machines Maintained by Me

Select here to see the page of my home FreeBSD system. It is only connected some of the time, so you might have to try again some other time. As it is durning the summer my machine will normally be connect from about 11pm to some time in the afternoon. The current local time is . You can log in as lynx on either (541)683-6954 or resnet.uoregon.edu 6969.

I also recently invested in a Ricochet Wireless modem. This is primarly used for connecting my notebook to inet when I'm in class, but I will start using it to connect to inet when I'm at home but not connected to inet via EFN. Select here to go to my home machine or notebook if it's connected via ricochet. I will also keep this updated as to what my notebook's ip address is. NOTE: the link will be invalid if I'm not longer connected. This could also give you a connection to another person's machine too (highly unlikely though).

I used to maintain a machine at South Eugene High School that ran as a Web Server and a file server. It ran CAP 6.0pl196 which has a few problems but does work. The longest it was ever up was for 113 days and some odd hours. It finally crashed when when a transformer blew out side the school.


I do some programming, but not much. Of the languages that I know, I use C/C++ the most. Since I have gotten into unix and started programming in unix, I have switched to a more strict C syntax and enjoy it over C++. I also used to use Basic, not the standard basic, but QuickBASIC, which was actually a decent program language/compiler/interpeter to work with. Here is a program that I have spent a lot of time on. I rotates and morfs a selection of points that can be easily changed. It requires a 386+ processor to run, and runs best with a math co-processor, but can be run without one. It also requires a 100% compatible VGA controller as it uses a non-standard video mode (360x480x256) to display it. I originally wrote this program in QuickBASIC and then did a rewrite in C. Hope you enjoy it!

One really cool program that I have recently wrote is bob. This program is like a shade bob but does smuging instead. The source can be compiled under both FreeBSD and DOS. I will be posting the code shortly.

I have also started writing some useful HTML related programs. The first one that I wrote is table, a program that converts from a Tab delimited spread sheet to a HTML style table. The source is available in tar.gz and in zip form. The source should compile on any platform that has a C++ compiler for it and accepts command line arguments. If it doesn't it shouldn't be hard to modify it. The makefile included uses the standard bsd Makefile includes, which allows for a very simple makefile. The other utility that I wrote is cgiparse. It allows you to parse the QUERY_STRING without much trouble as it is handled by these routins. The source is available in tar.gz and zip (not currently avaliable) form. Currently only the tar.gz form is up to date. The current version is 0.8a.


I graduated from South Eugene High School (SEHS) this past year ('96) and I will be going to the University of Oregon for this up coming school year. I did a project titled Literature on the Internet for my World Liturature class that I took durning my last year at South. Here are a few of the references that I have dug up through a common search engine Infoseek.

One of the computers at South Eugene High's library had a disk drive that hadn't been used in a VERY long time. Here is a picture of it. I must say that it is a dirty jpeg. :) After it was cleaned up, and the heads realigned, it is back in service and working!


Here is a list of CD's that I currently own. This isn't complete but it does include a majority of my CD's. I will be putting up sound clips of some of my favorite songs, so be watching for when that happens.

HTML Helps

Jon Mini created a nice document on HTML. It is a single page that gives you the most used information. It is called HTML at a Glance. These are the files that I have for it: html.glance.ps and html.glance.word5.

If you would like more information about HTML and usage of it, I recommend visiting The World Wide Web Consortium as they maintain a large archive of related information. There is also a great HTML Quick Reference avalibe from the people that make lynx.

There are a wide selection of browsers out there. This is a list of ones that I currently know about. These browsers are all graphicsal unless otherwise stated. Feel free to mail me if you have any more that you know about.

Friend's Home Pages

Now it is time for me to list the home pages of my friends. I currently don't ahave a complete list, but here it goes:

Other Junk

A friend told me about once when he was opening a sound file, the sound was played at a faster rate than it was supposed to. The sound file said something very different from what the original was supposed to say. So I decided to duplicate that sound and here it is in au formate. Hope you have a sound card!

I am an avid reader of cartoons, and one great cartoon that is the most consitantly funny and enjoyable is Dilbert. Plus it is one of the few cartoons that are on-line.

Blue Ribbon

This page has been accessedsome number oftimes since Oct 19, 1995.

This machine and my home Internet gateway are Powered By FreeBSD!

Thanks to SLiRP for producing a great piece of software that emulates a Slip/PPP line, and provides my home network with connectivity to the internet.

Send comments to: John-Mark Gurney <gurney_j@resnet.uoregon.edu>