PyMedS - Python UPnP Media Server


This is a basic implementation of a UPnP Media Server. I have done basic testing with Intel's tools and have sucessfully streamed media to the renderer.

Thanks to Tim Potter who put the framework together, but set the code loose. He did most of the hard work getting the framework together. This is the first time using twisted, but I haven't had to learn much as Tim did most of the work.

I have tested the server and it works with the D-Link DSM-520 and Sony's PS3. I have solved the problem of disconnecting after 25-30 minutes. I was not resending SSDP announcements the refresh the controller/renderers.


The server supports the following features:


PyMedS v0.5 - released November 9, 2008

Usage and Details

The following packages are required to run the media server:

After unpacking, go into the directory and either symlink or create a media directory to contain your media. Run the media server:

./pymediaserv <localip> [ <http port> ]
The http port is optional, and is the port that will run an http server on to supply the media, and support the SOAP interface.

Change Log

README is also available in the distro.