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A Few Good Links

This page is used to put up links that I find entertaining or good. You may not always agree, but that's your problem.

Jun 1, 2001404 Pages for SGI and PenguinPPC
Aug 26, 2000A Gallery of CSS Descramblers is a good page talking about legality of DeCSS. Is my linking to a sight the links to the DeCSS illegal? If not, then why is liking directly to the DeCSS illegal?
May 19, 2000They Write the Right Stuff
May 18, 2000Funny RFCs
May 05, 2000The Last Page of the Internet
Apr 10, 2000Why Linux Sucks.
Mar 30, 2000Extreme Programming Roadmap
Mar 30, 2000Advogato
Jan 07, 2000Y2K Conversion Report
Mar 26, 1999Csh Programming Considered Harmful from Tom Christiansen
Feb 25, 199918.2 million dataset CRC-64 test & Program source
Feb 12, 1999Love and UNIX: An Undying Affection by Thomas Scoville
Feb 12, 1999Hacker How To FAQ the real story behind hackers

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