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Base of Operations. I use this term instead of the more common Home Page to be different.
Common Gateway Interface. It is primarily used by web servers to provide dynamic information and process user data. There are a few CGIs on my page, they are lastmodified.cgi, bookinfo.cgi and
International Standard Book Number. An ISBN is a unique ten-digit number assigned to a specific edition of a book. You can usually find a book's ISBN on the copyright page, the cover, or dust jacket.1
Just Thought You Might Like To Know. As far as I know I am the ONLY one that every uses it, if you use it, send me mail, and I'll remove this message.
No Problem. I normally use this in reply to Thank You. For me, np is saying that is isn't a problem and they are not imposing upon you. You're Welcome has the conotation that there was effort on your part.
Programmer's Corner. Not Politically Correct which is in common use today. It's the Part of the site that contain information for programmers.
query string
Information that is passed to a cgi script to do what the user requests.
Star Trek: the Next Generation.
Talk To You Later.

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