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2/24/09 - Companies known to continue spamming people after requests to stop: Sun and Infortrend

11/9/08 - Release PyMedS 0.5. Fixes the disappearing media server bug, is compatible w/ the PS3 now, makes multi-stream MPEG2-TS streamable, also dynamicly expands rar files, among other things.

10/22/08 - Hotmail has spammed me too often and ignored my reports of spam messages. If you have a hotmail or live email account, IM me, tell a mutual friend, or give me a call and I will white list your email hotmail/live email address, otherwise I will not receive your email. Microsoft will not deliver the rejection of your email to you so you'll never know that I didn't get the email. Thanks Microsoft.

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Well, if your familar with my page, this is different. I decided that the old page wasn't very good and have decided to rework it. This will become the new page as I find time, but you can still see the old page.
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